Tips Before Buying a Landed Property in Singapore

Many people find it hard to buy a landed property in Singapore, especially when it is a resale one. If you’re lucky enough to find one that is presented in good condition, then that’s good for you. If not, then move on and find something better. In addition, the conditions of the property depend on the tenants, landlords, and of course, the owner.

Singapore Land Property


Finding a landed property that is in decent condition will allow you to save less than spending more since you don’t have to renovate or maintain the unit yourself. For you to avoid this, you should know how you can identify a bad and good property first. If you don’t have any idea what things to consider, let us get into the details below.

View the property’s foundation

Not only that a renovating weak foundation can take too much of your time, it would also make you spend some of your hard-earned cash. As much as possible, avoid properties with a weak foundation. If ever you’ve come across a property that has unaligned doors or brick walls, then it would best to just avoid it.

Check the electrical wiring

Have a quick walk around the house and carefully check if all the switches and electrical wirings are working fine. You should know that fixing electrical issues isn’t that cheap and might cost you some cash as it requires some professionals for to solve this matter.

Inspect the roof

It doesn’t matter how good the actual unit is, if there’s a constant leak on the roof, it’s a big no. Replacing or fixing a roof is never cheap and it requires some amount of cash – it depends on how good or bad the condition of the roof is.

Above are some of the tips you can follow to ensure that a property is in decent condition. Also, buying a landed property is never an easy task for everyone – it is a huge risk if done wrong. It’ll take you some time to develop and achieve an eye for details when checking out properties. If you’re still confused and don’t know where to start, you can ask the professionals to assist you with this.

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