NorthPark Residences :: 3 Common Rules and Regulations in Condos

Though you want to party as much as you can during your free time in your own condo, sadly, there are still some rules and regulations you shouldn’t break to keep the environment secured and protected.

Why do condos require rules? You should remember that everything has rules, this includes condominiums. Well, to keep the area peaceful, limitations are implemented within the area. For you to understand more about the common restrictions in condos, let’s proceed below!

Pet ownership

Some units forbid pet inside or outside the place. Before you rent one, always find out if pets are allowed, especially if you have some pets with you.

Not doing this will lead to disappointments, sadness, and regrets in the future.  If they are allowed outside the unit, then that’s fine – just keep an eye on them. If not, then better find another place that permits pet ownership.


As I have said previously, although partying is your thing to kill time or relax during free time, you cannot always do it regularly if you live in a condominium.

Your neighbors might hate you for loud noises coming from your room. Well, this isn’t a problem. But if there’s a rule that prohibits being too noisy, especially during sleeping hours – then this is the problem.

Outside activities

Outside activities such as BBQ is sometimes banned from many condos. But why? This is to prevent unexpected fires spreading within the area. It is for safety purpose to keep the area and the resident away from unexpected dangers.

That’s it, folks! There are more limitations on different condominiums and above are some of them. As much as possible, try to follow it to live a simpler, relaxing, and secured life in a condo.

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